Parco degli Ulivi secolari (Park of Centenary Olive Trees)

Park of Secular Olive Trees

When you venture into this unique centuries-old olive tree park in Molinu, you will be intoxicated by the beautiful natural fragrances of the countless gigantic trees, with a circumference of no less than 3 to 5 metres.

The average age of these trees has been assumed to be about nine centuries, based on the 13th-century tradition telling that the Pisans granted Sardinians ownership of the grove.

Here, you can find the initials of the owner’s name written on the big trunks, a ritual due to the owners having to distinguish their own trees from the others to avoid any attempt at embezzlement.

You will have fun trying to recognise the letters that often deal with ancient owners, with just a few elements telling you about such a special bond.

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