Welcome to Marmilla, a region of Sardinia that preserves a rich archaeological heritage, witness to millennia of history and culture. This enchanting land houses a myriad of archaeological sites that tell ancient stories and reveal the deep roots of this fascinating region.
The heart of this heritage is represented by the mysterious nuraghi, imposing megalithic constructions dating back to the Bronze Age. They dot the Marmilla landscape, symbols of ancient communities and evidence of extraordinary architectural skills.
Barumini, with its nuragic complex of Su Nuraxi, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an unmissable stop. Here, stone towers and circular structures tell stories of ancient rituals and daily life from a distant time.
Collinas, Gesturi, and Villanovaforru also feature Nuragic complexes that offer a compelling look at life in the Bronze Age. The ruins of ancient villages and tombs, such as at Lunamatrona and Siddi, add further layers of fascination to the region's archaeological landscape.
The archaeological heritage of Marmilla is not limited to the nuraghi. Ancient Punic-Roman temples, such as those of Pauli Arbarei, and prehistoric sites, such as in Turri, enrich the historical context, revealing the diversity of civilisations that have left their mark on this land.
Every stone tells a story, and every archaeological site is a chapter in the book of Marmilla, where the past mixes with the present, offering visitors a compelling journey through the ages. Welcome to this extraordinary setting of history and archeology that characterises the Marmilla, a unique treasure waiting to be explored.

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