Made up of 18 municipalities, each with its distinctive identity and charm, Marmilla offers an unforgettable experience for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in a land rich in traditions, breathtaking landscapes and millenary historical testimonies. From Barumini, a thousand-year-old village that seems to be a portal to a legendary era, up to Collinas, a place where history is intertwined with the natural beauty of the elegant hills and the mysterious nuraghi, witnesses of a glorious past that waits to be explored. Furtei presents itself as a small village known for its heartfelt religious festivals, where traditions are celebrated with passion and authenticity. Genuri, on the other hand, stands as an enchanting guardian of thousand-year-old traditions, a passionate village that embraces its heritage with pride. Gesturi, immersed in natural landscapes, archaeological treasures and a palpable devotion, offers a fascinating journey into the heart of Marmilla. Las Plassas is a crossroads where history, culture and the beauty of nature blend harmoniously, giving a unique experience to anyone who visits it. Lunamatrona, a small and fascinating village, tells centuries-old stories through its traditions and the archaeological sites that characterise it. Pauli Arbarei, a crossroads of deep-rooted cultural traditions and Nuragic testimonies, represents an important piece of the Marmilla heritage. Sanluri, a fascinating medieval village, is the beating heart of grandeur and magnificence, embraced by the serene plain of Medio Campidano. And still Segariu, an enchanting village that stands out for its natural wonders and gastronomic delicacies. Setzu, a concentration of nature, archeology and traditions that invites us to discover its unique charm among the rolling hills and picturesque alleys. Siddi,  which offers us an evocative journey between prehistory and nature, embraced by rolling hills that tell ancient stories. Tuili, famous for its enigmatic fragments of the past, which captures the imagination with its mysterious charm. Turri, known for the harvest festival and for the saffron, a place where traditions mix with the joy of celebrating. Ussaramanna, a hidden jewel among enchanting scenery and thousand-year-old history, which reveals its authenticity to anyone who ventures to explore it. Villanovafranca, an ancient medieval village immersed in an atmosphere suspended in time, which transports visitors to a distant and fascinating era. Villanovaforru, a place of extraordinary historical importance with one of the most significant jewels of the ancient Nuragic civilisation. And finally, Villamar, a village steeped in mystery and shrouded in the fog of time, which welcomes anyone who wishes to explore its evocative atmospheres.
Each of these municipalities, with their peculiarities, contribute to creating the magic of Marmilla, inviting visitors to discover the cultural richness of this fascinating region.

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