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Ussaramanna - Street Art trail

The community of Ussaramanna has always felt responsible for protecting its historical and cultural heritage.

Since as early as the Eighties, such enthusiasm for promoting and preserving the local identity has inspired the idea to portray everyday life on murals painted all over the village.

The theme of each mural is deeply rooted in the local identity, so for instance some show scenes of daily life, while others portray traditions or crafts, historical figures, glimpses of the village that do not exist any longer but are recalled by the mural, landscapes, natural scenery and environmental protection projects.

As you stroll through the village in search of its art in what is a genuine art tour, you will get lost in the painted scenes, enraptured by the nuances and details of the features painted on the gigantic surfaces scattered all over the old centre of the village.

To name just a few of the many artists who have painted these murals: Dante Atzori (“Is Arcadas”; “Le tragedie della guerra”; “La casa campidanese”; “Nelle tue mani il tuo futuro”; “La curiosità”; “Le api insegnano”), Lorenzo Muntoni (“Ladiri”; “Scene di vita agropastorale”; "Sa lolla"); Fabio Figus (“Maria Lai e la tessitura”; “Santu Larentzu”), Mauro Patta ("Il festival delle erbe") e Gisella Mura (“Eleonora d’Arborea”; “Le Janas dell'iperico”; “La festa di San Lorenzo”).

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