Nuraghe San Pietro

Ussaramanna - Nuraghe San Pietro

The San Pietro nuraghe dates from the Bronze Age and stands on a hill not far from the centre of Ussaramanna, which makes it an excellent scenic lookout on the village and the surrounding areas.

It is a quatrefoil nuraghe, composed of a main tower, or keep, and four towers all around it. The main tower stands 13 metres high at the top, while just a minimal part of the smaller towers has survived.

Studies conducted in the last 30 years have estimated that the keep must have been originally over 20 metres high, something that is suggestive of a fairly important settlement, also attracted by the highly strategic location of the tower over the surrounding area.

Starting from the entrance, lots of little constructive details will enable you to imagine the Prehistoric building in its full attire, such as the remains of a staircase inside the main tower which originally ran around the wall and led upstairs.

The interiors are divided into as many rooms, the purpose of which can hardly be identified, though the layout suggests that the inner spaces must have been elaborately designed. Some remains of buildings with a quadrangular plan are visible outside, probably dating to the Roman age and proving that the site must have been uninterruptedly inhabited for about ten centuries.

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