Ussaramanna, 09020 (Medio Campidano)

Rising between the grand plateaus of Gesturi, Setzu and Tuili, and the smaller but wonderful plateau of Siddi, Ussaramanna is a peaceful farmers’ and shepherds’ village with a population of just above 500. This picturesque village in the lower Marmilla region provides a unique experience, steeped as it is in history, in the beauty of the landscape and in the local flavours. The surrounding cornfields, olive groves and vineyards produce first-rate olive oil and the world-famous Malvasia and Nuragus wines.

A gem hidden among magical sights, interwoven with a centuries-old history

Parrocchia di San Quirico

Every year in March, Ussaramanna is livened up by the Wild Herb Festival, a celebratory event with conferences, tasting sessions and a mouth-watering feast of ricotta or cheese pastries known as "sa pardula".

Right in the heart of the village, the San Pietro nuraghe and the Church of St Cyricus the Martyr testify to the thousand-year-old history of the place with extremely valuable works of art and liturgical implements.

The old centre of the village is an elegant specimen of Sardinian architecture, with its traditional houses, courtyards, porches and murals speaking so vividly of the local history. In the south-east, the 16th-century Church of St Mary has been converted into a conference hall, while the Nuragic sites, such as Santu Perdu, Cabonu, Molas and su Sensu, display ancient remains of the Nuragic civilisation.

The origin of Ussaramanna might date back to Roman times, as suggested by the archaeological finds and by a nearby necropolis.

The patronal festival, celebrated on August 19th with a procession and with the tunes of the launeddas, a sort of triple clarinet, is an exciting and significant event in the life of the village and in the entire Marmilla region.

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