Ussaramanna - Arrexini Festival della Cultura Sarda

Ussaramanna, 09020 (Medio Campidano)

dal 01/09/2024 al 30/09/2024

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Arrexini Festival della Cultura Sarda

Arrexini Festival della Cultura Sarda

It is called Arrexini, or roots, the Sardinian Language and Culture Festival which takes place in two municipalities on the island that have made this bet: Villanovaforru and Ussaramanna.

The objective of the project and the event, promoted by the Municipalities of Villanovaforru and Ussaramanna, with the support of the Sardinia Foundation, the Culture Department of the Sardinia Region and the organisation of the Association of Local Authorities for Entertainment, is to promote literature, music, cinema and contemporary theatre, using Sardinian and the languages ​​of Sardinia.

The programme is divided into four days, two for each participating municipality, and ranges from music to literature, from theater to conferences. For each day of the festival there is a debate, a musical show, screenings of short films, films, documentaries, book presentations and activities relating to the Sardinian culture context.

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