Ussaramanna - Festival delle Erbe Spontanee

Ussaramanna, 09020 (Medio Campidano)

dal 20/04/2024 al 21/04/2024

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Ussaramanna - Festival delle Erbe Spontanee

Ussaramanna - Festival delle Erbe Spontanee

The Wild Herbs Festival is an event in the municipality of Ussaramanna which focuses on the protection of Sardinia's biodiversity.

A Festival born almost 40 years ago, from the idea of ​​Prof. Dino Zedda to collect with his middle school students, in an exhibition, the spontaneous plants that grew in the countryside: flowers and leaves often forgotten, but with important healing properties or first courses for succulent dishes. That artisanal exhibition, which over the years has become the Wild Herbs Festival, has evolved into one of the most important events in Sardinia for the study and valorisation of this green heritage. The Exhibition makes use of the collaboration and precious scientific contribution of the Botanical Garden of the University of Cagliari, which guarantees high quality standards for the preparation of the Herb Exhibition and for the organisation of the various activities.

The Festival is held between April and May, the months in which spring inebriates our lives with its colors and scents. At this time of year, sa Pardula, the Easter dessert of the period, becomes a very important showcase of the taste of a community that has been able to preserve flavors and confectionery and agricultural traditions. Every year the Festival develops various cultural and territorial insights, conferences, workshops and teaching activities dedicated to plants and the world of biodiversity.

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