Walking around Collinas is a fascinating itinerary through the thousand-year history, the lush nature and the archaeological secrets of this fascinating Sardinian town.
The first stop takes us to Nuraghe Concali, located on a mountain a short distance from the center of Collinas. This nuragic complex, still the subject of excavations, offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Its strategic position, which controls important transit routes, makes it a site of great historical importance.
Continuing, we head towards the Giara di Collinas, also known as Pranu Mannu and Pranu Picciu. This area, characterised by various nuraghes and archaeological complexes, is a true treasure chest of biodiversity, with Mediterranean scrub, holm oak and downy oak trees creating an ideal environment for nature excursions.
The third stage takes us to discover the Bosco di Santa Maria Angiargia, a place steeped in history, sacredness and natural beauty. Inside the woods, next to a small 12th century church built on the remains of a Roman settlement, you can explore a spring, the remains of a Roman cistern and other Roman structures.
Finally, we reach the Tombs of Sedda de Sa Caudela, impressive testimonies of Sardinia's Nuragic past. Located approximately 3 km west of the center of Collinas, these megalithic tombs date back to the Middle Bronze Age and offer a unique glimpse into the burial practice of a civilisation where access to burial was extended to all members of the community, including children. Their basement structure without external facings makes them an unconventional example of Nuragic megalithic burial.
Through this route, you will be able to experience a unique combination of archaeological heritage, spirituality and uncontaminated landscapes. An itinerary full of discoveries and suggestions that will take you through the millennia, from prehistory to medieval times, immersing you in the beauty of nature and the historical richness of Collinas. Have a good trip!